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ResQ 30

80.30৳ Strip
  • Elevate your health with D-Balance 50000 from Live Pharmacy, targeting various health issues.
  • Address infertility, neurological disorders, cardiovascular diseases, and more with precision.
  • Powered by Coenzyme Q10, it supports cellular respiration and ATP production for vitality.
  • Expertly formulated with precise dosage guidelines for optimal health optimization.

ResQ 60

90.30৳ Strip
ResQ, a powerful Coenzyme Q10 supplement by Square Pharmaceuticals PLC, addresses infertility, neurological disorders, and cardiovascular health. It supports cellular respiration and ATP production, vital for heart, muscle, and immune function. With dosages tailored to various conditions, ResQ offers optimal absorption and efficacy, while precautions ensure safe usage. Elevate your health with ResQ from Live Pharmacy.

Truxil 30+10

110.00৳ Strip
  • Accelerate post-stroke recovery and minimize neurological damage
  • Target age-related neurological disorders and circulation-related visual and inner ear issues
  • Formulated with raubasine, a vasodilator, and almitrine, a respiratory stimulant
  • Boost arterial oxygen levels without compromising respiratory function
  • Recommended dosage: one to two tablets daily, spaced several hours apart
  • Avoid interactions with MAO-l and other almitrine-containing medications
  • Store in a cool, dry place away from children for optimal effectiveness