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30.10৳ Strip
  • Combat iron, folic acid, and zinc deficiencies effectively with our supplement.
  • Specifically formulated for pregnant and breastfeeding individuals to support vital nutrient levels during these critical periods.
  • Utilizes timed-release technology to minimize gastrointestinal discomfort commonly associated with iron therapy.
  • Balanced formulation ensures comprehensive support for overall well-being.
  • Trust our product to deliver essential nutrients and promote optimal health.

Zif Forte

40.00৳ Strip
  • Ensure optimal health during pregnancy and lactation with our comprehensive supplement capsule.
  • Packed with essential nutrients including iron, folic acid, zinc, vitamin B complex, and vitamin C.
  • Treats and prevents deficiencies, supporting fetal development and maternal well-being.
  • Superior bioavailability and minimal side effects make it ideal for expecting and nursing mothers.
  • Trust Live Pharmacy for quality care and support throughout your motherhood journey.


50.00৳ Strip
  • Address iron, folic acid, and zinc deficiencies
  • Formulated to replenish iron stores and enhance absorption
  • Supports red blood cell formation and overall health
  • Particularly beneficial during pregnancy and for treating anemia
  • Recommended daily dosage and precautions provided