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Merison 6

20.10৳ Strip
  • Merison offers relief for vertigo and dizziness associated with Meniere's disease and peripheral vertigo.
  • Betahistine Mesilate enhances inner ear blood flow, reducing endolymphatic hydrops and easing symptoms.
  • Effective in alleviating discomfort and instability related to cerebral disturbances.
  • Recommended dosage and precautions ensure a reliable solution for vertigo and its accompanying discomforts.

Truxil 30+10

110.00৳ Strip
  • Accelerate post-stroke recovery and minimize neurological damage
  • Target age-related neurological disorders and circulation-related visual and inner ear issues
  • Formulated with raubasine, a vasodilator, and almitrine, a respiratory stimulant
  • Boost arterial oxygen levels without compromising respiratory function
  • Recommended dosage: one to two tablets daily, spaced several hours apart
  • Avoid interactions with MAO-l and other almitrine-containing medications
  • Store in a cool, dry place away from children for optimal effectiveness