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40.00৳ Bottle
  • Ambroxol is a potent mucolytic and expectorant medication.
  • It is indicated for conditions involving productive cough and thick, viscous mucus.
  • Treats acute and chronic inflammatory respiratory disorders like bronchitis and asthma.
  • Hydrates mucus, facilitating its liquefaction for easier expectoration.
  • Reduces bronchial hyperactivity and inflammation.
  • Available in syrup and sustained-release capsules with age-specific dosages.
  • Caution advised in patients with gastric ulcers or hepatic impairment.

Remac 500

270.00৳ Strip
  • Discover Remac, a versatile medication tailored for bacterial infections like bronchitis, sinusitis, pneumonia, and skin infections.
  • Powered by clarithromycin, Remac effectively targets susceptible organisms, offering relief with its well-tolerated formulation.
  • Our pharmacy ensures optimal dosing and adherence to safety precautions, prioritizing your well-being.
  • Trust Remac for effective treatment and peace of mind in managing various bacterial infections.

Zimax 500

40.00৳ Pcs
  • Introducing Zimax: your go-to remedy for various infections, from respiratory to skin issues.
  • Advanced pharmacology ensures rapid absorption and sustained effectiveness.
  • Precise dosages tailored for adults and children ensure convenient administration.
  • Trust Zimax for superior microbial action and swift recovery.