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50.20৳ Strip
  • Harnessing the combined power of Flupentixol and Melitracen tablets
  • Trusted remedy for anxiety, depression, and related conditions
  • Flupentixol offers neuroleptic and anxiolytic effects, while melitracen acts as a bipolar thymoleptic
  • Provides relief from depressive symptoms and promotes emotional well-being
  • Well-established pharmacological profile with rare side effects

Sedil 5

13.80৳ Strip
  • Discover Sedil, a trusted solution for managing mild to moderate anxiety and agitation.
  • This benzodiazepine derivative offers safe tranquility with anxiolytic, anticonvulsant, and muscle relaxant properties.
  • Rapid absorption and versatile administration make Sedil ideal for acute alcohol withdrawal and preoperative sedation.
  • Trust Sedil for a calm, controlled approach to well-being.