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  • Explore an innovative insulin delivery system designed for ease of use.
  • Our pen device features a user-friendly push, twist, and lock mechanism for seamless insulin administration.
  • With a unique 4 mm needle design, it prioritizes safety and comfort during injections.
  • Enjoy convenient cartridge replacement and dosage adjustments for personalized insulin management.
  • Experience hassle-free insulin delivery with our cutting-edge pen device.

AnsuPen Twist

700.00৳ Pcs
  • Explore our innovative insulin delivery solution comprising the Pen Device and Pen Needle combo.
  • Experience user-friendly insulin administration with precise dosage control using our pen device, resembling a standard pen.
  • Minimize the risk of intramuscular injections with our 4 mm Pen Needle featuring a unique design for enhanced safety.
  • Streamline the insulin delivery process with hassle-free cartridge changes and compatibility with most pen devices.