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Calbo-D Vita

150.50৳ Box
  • This effervescent tablet is formulated to combat calcium and vitamin D deficiencies effectively.
  • Featuring a precise composition including Calcium Lactate Gluconate, Calcium Carbonate BP, and Vitamin D as Cholecalciferol BP, it aids in preventing and treating osteoporosis and associated fractures.
  • Its pharmacological action ensures optimal calcium levels crucial for various bodily functions, promoting bone health and overall well-being.
  • Convenient dosage and administration make it an ideal choice for individuals seeking comprehensive bone support.


330.00৳ Box
  • Elevate bone health with Calboral-D 500 mg Tablet
  • Potent blend of calcium carbonate and vitamin D3
  • Prevents and treats deficiencies, osteoporosis, and related conditions
  • Coral-sourced calcium for enhanced absorption
  • Vitamin D3 aids in calcium uptake
  • Take one tablet daily with food for optimal bone health


480.00৳ Box
Calboral-DX 600 mg Tablet offers a comprehensive solution for calcium and vitamin D deficiency, aiding in the prevention and treatment of osteoporosis, rickets, and osteomalacia. Its coral calcium source ensures optimal absorption, while vitamin D enhances calcium balance and absorption. With a convenient dosage and administration regimen, this supplement promotes bone health and addresses various indications, making it a trusted choice for maintaining overall well-being.


390.00৳ Box
  • Potent combination of Calcium Citrate and Calcitriol
  • Supports bone health and manages conditions like osteoporosis and hypoparathyroidism
  • Ensures optimal calcium absorption for nerve, muscle, and bone function
  • Ideal for individuals with low dietary calcium intake or specific medical needs
  • Designed for efficacy with minimal side effects


300.00৳ Box
Experience a potent solution for bone health and overall well-being with our Calcium and Vitamin D3 tablets. Derived from algae sources, our formulation offers a synergistic blend essential for maintaining strong bones and preventing conditions like osteoporosis and fractures. Each tablet contains optimal doses of Calcium and Vitamin D3 to support healthy bone formation and aid in absorption. Trust our reliable supplementation during pregnancy, lactation, or in the presence of conditions like kidney disease or osteomalacia.

G-Calbo DX

450.00৳ Box
Experience a comprehensive solution for addressing calcium and Vitamin D3 deficiencies with our carefully formulated tablets. Containing Calcium Carbonate sourced from algae and Vitamin D3, our product supports bone health and strength, effectively treating osteoporosis, rickets, and related conditions. Backed by clinical evidence, our formulation ensures optimal absorption and utilization for promoting healthy bones and overall well-being. Trust in our quality, safety, and commitment to enhanced vitality.

Maxbon 150

510.00৳ Box
  • Maxbon: Your go-to solution for osteoporosis treatment and prevention.
  • Formulated for women, particularly postmenopausal individuals, and men.
  • Powered by ibandronic acid, it effectively inhibits bone resorption.
  • Flexible dosing regimens and potent action promote bone health.
  • Trust Maxbon for comprehensive osteoporosis care and increased bone mineral density.


241.60৳ Strip
  • Explore Alendronic Acid & Vitamin D3 for effective osteoporosis treatment.
  • Enhances bone mass and reduces fracture risks in postmenopausal women and men.
  • Inhibits osteoclast activity and promotes bone formation.
  • Administered weekly for optimal absorption and convenience in treatment regimen.