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Carbizol 10

50.00৳ Strip
Discover Carbizol, a trusted solution for managing hyperthyroidism, thyrotoxicosis, and preparation for thyroidectomy. With its potent anti-thyroid properties, Carbizol effectively reduces thyroid hormone formation and is compatible with radio-active ablative therapy. Our carefully crafted dosage regimen ensures optimal patient care, guiding them towards a euthyroid state while prioritizing safety and efficacy. Count on us for reliable medication, backed by expert guidance and adherence to stringent storage standards.

Levocar 330

30.18৳ Strip
  • Levocar offers a versatile approach to managing Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Heart Diseases, and Kidney Disease.
  • Formulated with Levocarnitine, a natural substance essential for energy metabolism.
  • Facilitates the transport of fatty acids to cellular mitochondria for energy production.
  • Provides flexible dosing options for adults and children.
  • Important to follow precautions and seek guidance from healthcare professionals for optimal usage.