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Calbostar 400

80.30৳ Strip
Calbostar is a trusted solution for addressing low blood calcium levels, vital for bone health. Formulated with Calcium Orotate, it efficiently supplements dietary calcium intake, aiding in conditions like osteoporosis, osteomalacia, and more. Beyond bone health, Calbostar showcases efficacy in managing inflammatory diseases and supporting heart health. With a focus on optimal absorption and minimal side effects, it's a reliable choice for those seeking comprehensive calcium supplementation. Trust Calbostar for a healthier, balanced approach to calcium maintenance.

Calbostar 740

120.30৳ Strip
Calbostar offers a trusted solution for preventing and treating low blood calcium levels. Its unique formulation, containing Calcium Orotate with orotic acid, aids in efficient calcium absorption, crucial for bone health. From addressing conditions like osteoporosis to supporting cardiovascular wellness, Calbostar delivers comprehensive benefits. Our expert-recommended dosage ensures optimal calcium supplementation, promoting overall well-being. Trust Calbostar for quality supplements tailored to your health needs.