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Naurif 1

281.90৳ Strip
  • Naurif offers relief from nausea and vomiting during cancer chemotherapy and postoperative recovery.
  • Its active ingredient, Granisetron, targets serotonin receptors to alleviate symptoms effectively.
  • Available in convenient injection and tablet forms, Naurif ensures easy administration for both adults and pediatric patients.
  • Trusted for its efficacy, Naurif promises comfort and relief during challenging medical treatments.

Paloset 0.5

200.00৳ Strip
  • Paloset: A powerful anti-emetic medication designed for nausea and vomiting management.
  • Contains palonosetron, which selectively targets serotonin receptors for effective symptom relief.
  • Ideal for various conditions including chemotherapy, radiotherapy, and post-operative nausea and vomiting.
  • Available in both oral and intravenous formulations, offering flexibility in dosing for adults and children.
  • Ensures precise symptom control and improved quality of life with its potent action.