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151.02৳ Tube
  • Combat Acne vulgaris effectively with Clindamycin and Tretinoin gel.
  • Formulated with a potent combination of lincosamide antibiotic and retinoid.
  • Suppresses bacterial activity and enhances skin cell turnover for clearer skin.
  • Easy-to-apply gel recommended for nightly use after gentle cleansing, followed by sunscreen application in the morning.
  • Exercise caution with concomitant products and adhere to recommended precautions for optimal results.

Fona 0.3%

80.55৳ Tube
  • Fona cream or gel offers effective treatment for acne vulgaris through topical application.
  • Formulated with Adapalene, it targets retinoid receptors to regulate cellular differentiation and inflammation in facial, back, and chest skin.
  • Easy-to-use with adaptable dosages for convenience.
  • Exercise caution with concomitant use of other topical products and follow recommended precautions for optimal results.

Fona Plus

160.48৳ Tube
  • Combat acne effectively with Adapalene & Benzoyl peroxide gel.
  • Specifically formulated for patients aged 12 and above to target acne vulgaris on the face and trunk.
  • Adapalene modulates cellular processes, while Benzoyl peroxide acts as a bactericidal and keratolytic agent.
  • Apply a thin film once daily for smoother, clearer skin.